Rice thesis search, filtered for Matt Bennett

  1. Dr. David L. Shis - Engineering multi-input prokaryotic gene regulation for applications in synthetic biology
  2. Dr. Truong H. Nguyen - Understanding dynamic activities of the yeast galactose utilization network under environmental changes
  3. Dr. Chen Ye - Engineering genetically controlled microbial consortia
  4. Dr. Yu-Yu Cheng - Transcriptional delay in synthetic genetic cascades
  5. Dr. Andrew J. Hirning - Dynamic Studies of Synthetic Transcriptional Networks
  6. Dr. Erin O. Gilbert - Protein Degradation in Synthetic Gene Circuits
  7. Dr. Sara Molinari - A synthetic system for asymmetric cell division in Escherichia coli
  8. Dr. Razan N. Alnahhas - Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Synthetic Microbial Consortia
  9. Dr. David M. Zong - Methods for Predicting Synthetic Gene Circuits
  10. Dr. Bárbara de Freitas Magalhães - A Synthetic Intercellular Toggle Switch and its Implications on Pattern Formation
  11. Dr. Jennifer Dou - Examination of Stationary-Phase Gene Expression in Context of Real-World Applications of Synthetic Microbes
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