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  • DMC Equipment: Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System Guide
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  • WM-PRO transmitter
  • WM-PRO receiver
  • EX-503 clip-on electret microphone
  • EX- 413 handheld microphone


For the microphone system to function, you need to set up both the receiver and the transmitter. Here are the steps you need to follow (for quick set-up, simply look at step 3 on both the receiver and transmitter instructions):

WR-PRO Receiver Set-Up

  1. Loading the battery - if the battery compartment does not close properly, take out the 9 volt battery and turn it around. The negative and positive side of the battery should face in the inside of the pack. The microphone system works continuously for 10 hours using one set of batteries. If the sound quality is poor, the batteries should be changed.
  2. Power/Frequency selector switch - when you are not using the microphone system, make sure the switch is in the position OFF; moving it to F1 or F2 will turn the receiver on, indicated by the fact that the LED is on.
  3. Signal Indicator - if the receiver is on (either on F1 or F2) but the transmitter is off, the LED turns RED, indicating that the receiver battery is good. The receiver LED turns GREEN when you switch the frequency selector of both the receiver and transmitter on thesame frequency (it can be either F1 or F2, depending on the quality of the sound you hear).
  4. Shoe mount - this can be used for mounting the receiver to a video camera, in case you are using the microphone system to amplify the sound you want to record on your camera.
  5. Output plug - the output plug should only be used when you want to record the sound with a camera, in which case the plug from the receiver should be connected to the camera's "Ext.mic" jack.
  6. Telescopic Antenna - extend the receiver antenna fully in order to attain best reception.
  7. Earphone Jack - for monitoring the amplified sound, plug the supplied earphone into the receiver's "EAR" jack; when recording the sound with a camera, you can plug the earphone into the camera's earphone jack if it has one.

WR-PRO Transmitter Set-Up

  1. Loading the battery - same as for receiver.
  2. Microphone selection - plug either the EX-503 (lapel mic) or EX-413 (handheld mic) into the transmitter "MIC" jack and extend the cord as much as possible for best transmission.
  3. Power/Frequency switch - turn the transmitter switch to the same frequency as the one of the receiver; if the reception is noisy on F1, switch to F2 and always remember to have both the transmitter and receiver operating on the same frequency.
  4. Mounting - you can attach the transmitter to a belt using the provided clip. 


Further Assistance

For further assistance using the Azden Wireless Microphone, please visit the Digital Media Commons

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