The CnC-Python system under development in the Habanero project at Rice University builds on past work on the Intel Concurrent Collections (CnC) and Habanero CnC projects.  

A short introduction to the Concurrent Collections model can be found in the following article:

  • The Concurrent Collections Programming Model.  Michael G. Burke, Kathleen Knobe, Ryan Newton, Vivek Sarkar.  Technical Report TR 10-12, Department of Computer Science, Rice University, December 2010.  To appear as a book chapter in Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing, David Padua (Ed.), Springer Verlag, 2011.

To get started with CnC-Python, see the startup instructions for the Rice SUG@R system, or the more general installation instructions.

Once successfully installed, please refer to the following initial examples on how to write CnC-Python programs: Find Primes and Partition String.

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