RT 4.4 Building Search Queries and Saving Searches 


RT updated to 4.4.4

6/2020 - Updated RT from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4. Wiki updated to point to RT Documentation for 4.4.4


RT (Request Tracker) includes a Search Query Builder function that allows users to create various search queries for the type of tickets they are most interested in. All queries can be saved and reused.

When using RT regularly throughout their workday, users can benefit by creating and saving Searches of data most regularly used or viewed. These saved searches can be added to a personal dashboard to give the user a quick look at their preferred data.

Keyboard Navigation Keys

The Keyboard Shortcut Keys   can be used to navigate the tickets within the search results.  

RT Search Query Builder

Search Query Builder

  • Search queries can be created, and modified anytime by a user
  • Search queries can be Named (description, function) 
  • Search queries can be saved by Name as Personal searches 
  • Search queries can be saved and shared as Group, Function or Department searches
  • Search Results can be fed to spreadsheets, or RSS feed

Typical Search Query Use Cases

  • To search and display tickets matching a criteria. Examples:
    • new/open tickets, within a queue, not yet assigned/worked
    • tickets opened within the last week
    • My Open tickets - to-do items listing, or use for jumbo updates or time-worked updates
    • tickets created for type of issue (Phishing, Printing, wireless) and for a time frame

  • To search and display ticket data for a Report
    • Resolved tickets, for a Queue or multiple queues, with counts by owner netid
    • Resolved tickets, for a date range, by Queue or all OIT Queues. With totals and per Netid counts

  • Use saved searches on an RT Dashboard
    • for grouping data matching a criteria, or status, date ranges etc
    • create different Dashboards with multiple saved searches, displayed in sections
    • Save Dashboards for self, a Department, Work group, or managers with different saved searches imbedded
  • To search and display Assets 

RT Search Query Builder Examples

Example1:  Find all recent, unresolved, UNowned tickets with Subject = demo

Query Builder steps

  • Select Search == > Tickets ==> New Search. Get Query Build page.

  • Set: Subject Matches demo
  • Set: Owner = Nobody
  • Set: Status is new
  • CLICK: ==> Add these Terms


  • Set: Status is Open
  • CLICK: Add these Terms  

  • SEE: Current Search
  • Click: at top: show results, or at bottom: Add these Terms and search 

Saving your searches 

If you want  this Search for future use, or to use later on a Dashboard, Save your search with a Description (a name)  (i.e., MyOpenTix) .

On the Query Builder Page; Under SAVED SEARCHES section: 

  • Do => Privacy: My Saved Searches
  • => Description = demo_nobody  (description is Name )
  • = Select => UPDATE to save it with Description as Name

You can continue to tweak your saved search values, and then Resave it with either Update tab ; or save with a new description name and Save As New



RT Product Documentation and Examples

The RT 4.4 product documentation has some expanded query builder examples:

RT - Intro to Query Builder

RT 4.4.4 Query Builder

RT Query_Builder

Information on Dashboards, which use Searches

RT Dashboards

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