RT 4.4 Privileged User Options and Features

With the upgrade to RT Request Tracker Version 4.4, all Privileged Users have some new options and features they can choose for their personal preferences.

Some of the default RT options have changed as well.  See new or changed items highlighted in Blue text.


RT Privileged User Options are definable for key areas:

  • RT Preferences
  • RT Ticket Timers
  • RT Keyboard shortcuts
  • RT Dashboards
  • fulltext searching

RT Login Widget and screen layout


  • RT Login Screen   

  • RT Screen:  Locate Function tabs across the top of the screen, Select PREFERENCES



RT User Preferences Settings

Below are preference sections for users to check or change to best suit their needs.  New options or new defaults are in Blue

User Preferences - General View 

  • new Theme = rudder  (more ADA compliant, easier on the eyes)  
  • Rice Logo added
  • preferred Username format, privileged users = usernames (netid) 
  • Search results refresh interval       

  • setting Theme and username format 


  • General - Refresh search results Interval

Preferences - RT at a Glance View

Use for your defined "RT at a Glance" home page

  • Set a refresh interval in preferences if you sit on an RT dashboard all day
  • This is a  different refresh interval than for your  "Search Results" in General View

  • RT At a Glance refresh interval  


Preferences -Ticket Composition

  • Now have  Different settings for Composition vs Display
  • 2- column layout for easier create and update
  • WYSIWG Composition default allows Rich Text formatting

Ticket Composition Preferences



  • Resulting Ticket composition when Rich Text is set – 

Resulting Update with Rich Text Options



Preferences - Ticket Display

  • Display tickets in rich text (YES is default )
  • Show ticket updates  by oldest history first - or select NO to see latest updates first (descending date order)
  • History info now shows after the rest of the page loads.... or you can do it-
    • after clicking a link
    • immediately
    • as your scroll the ticket  

Ticket History display options

User Search Preferences

Allow user to select how you wish to see the results of any search.

  • Order items in Descending or Ascending order
  • Sort by multiple item types:
    • id (ticket number )
    • LastUpdated
    • Created
    • Status
    • DueDate
    • etc....
  • Return xx number of Rows per page
  • Chose what Columns to display in search results listing 



RT Ticket Timers

  • New in rt 4.4.  
  • Timers can be started, paused, and saved (with comments) to RT tickets. 
  • Users can have 5 concurrent tickets running
  • Tickets accumulate timed worked, and give breakdown of all users time on same ticket
  • Users can also update time-worked on tickets under Tools => "My Day" tickets listing


Ticket Timers - using 3 here

Ticket Timers - 2 methods to update time worked


RT Keyboard shortcuts 

  • New in rt 4.4
  • 1) Global keyboard shortcuts on Dashboards or on "RT at a glance"  pages
    • enter: ?    to see shortcuts

2) quick keyboard shortcuts for navigating within a search results listing of tickets

  • enter: ?    to see shortcuts 
  • Follow your cursor with blue bar on side of tickets

Global shortcuts

RT Dashboards

RT Dashboards are a customized RT web page, with 1 or more sections defined; for displaying desired groupings of RT data and functions. Dashboards typically include sections  such as :

  • Quick Ticket Creation box
  • Ticket listings, defined by a saved search query
  • A queue's current tickets listing, chosen by relevance to user
  • RT report and chart of key information (defined by a saved search query)

Users can create custom personal Dashboards, and Departments can create and share Departmental Dashboards to provide easy access to their users.

A defined Dashboard can also be "subscribed" to. Then, you can define when you want to receive an email containing that Dashboard's current view.


Sample RT Dashboard with 4 sections of data

Departmental Dashboard for IT Managers


Personal Dashboard - with just the sections of data I want using my personal Saved Searches:




RT fulltext ticket searching and Simple Search

This option of searching has existed prior to RT 4.4, but it now indexes and returns your results faster.

Once you have made a simple search, you may also then edit that search in the full RT query builder, to refine the search with other attributes(Subject, owner, Queue, status etc) or add a date range. Once you have a search query you like, you can save that search for reuse later or for inserting into a Dashboard. 


To Select Simple Search Page -


The Simple Search Entry Screen -

For Simple Search Examples see  RT 4.4 Request Tracker Simple Searches