RT 4.4 Request Tracker Dashboard and Queue Navigation Tips 


There are several quick ways to bounce around in RT between your Dashboard(s), your Queue, and Your tickets. 

  • Within a Search Result listing (or a Saved Search Query), use the Keyboard shortcut keys to
    1. k/j  - Move up / down the list of results and highlight a ticket
    2. o or <Enter>  - View (display) highlighted ticket
    3. r - Reply to highlighted ticket
    4. c - Comment on highlighted ticket
    5. gb/gf  Go back / forward to previous screen
  • When displaying/replying to a ticket, jump back to the queue it is in (Your queue )
    1. On the ticket, click on the Queue:  <queue name> field, under "The Basics"  to return to the queue itself 
  • After you select a ticket, jump back to your "Home" Dashboard
  • From any Page, select 
    1. Recently Viewed tickets
    2. Your Home Dashboard or any other Dashboards you have defined
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