COMP 322: Office Hours

You are encouraged to consult the instructor and TA's during the office hours below.


Mack Joyner:  Mon 2-3pm, Tue 1-2pm, Duncan Hall 2063


Haotian Dang: Mon 7-8, Brown Commons

Huzaifa Ali:  Tue 6-7pm, Brochstein Pavilion

Raahim Absar: Tue 6-7pm, Brochstein Pavilion

Andrew Ondara: Wed 7-8pm, Sammy's

Stefan Boskovic:  Thu 4-5pm, Baker Commons

Huzaifa Ali:  Fri 4-5pm, Brochstein Pavilion

Raahim Absar: Fri 4-5pm, Brochstein Pavilion


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