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COMP 322: Office Hours

You are encouraged to consult the instructors, graduate TA's, and undergraduate TA's during the office hours below. If none of these times works for you, please send an email to comp322-staff at rice dot edu and indicate the time that you'd like to meet.

Group Office Hours

MWF, 3pm - 4pm, DH 3092 (or alternative room to be announced on days when DH 3092 is unavailable) 



Vivek Sarkar:   Mondays & Wednesdays, 2pm - 3pm, DH 3131 

                        Mondays, 3pm - 4pm, DH 3092 (part of group office hours)                         

Mack Joyner:  Mondays, 3pm - 4pm, DH 3092 (part of group office hours) 

                       Tuesdays, 3pm - 4pm, DH 3134 


Undergraduate TAs

Marc Canby: Tuesdays 8pm - 9pm, McMurtry Commons

Anna Chi: Tuesdays, 1:00pm - 2:00pm, Martel Commons

Peter Elmers: Tuesdays 2pm - 3pm, Martel Commons

Joseph Hungate: Sundays, 12pm - 1pm, Jones Commons

Cary Jiang: Wednesdays, 11am - 12pm, Brochstein Pavilion

Gloria Kim: Sundays, 5pm - 6pm, Baker Commons

Kevin Mullin: Mondays, 4pm - 5pm, Jones Commons

Victoria Nazari: Mondays, 3pm - 4pm, Sid Commons

Ashok Sankaran: Tuesdays, 4pm - 5pm, Brown Commons

Sujay Tadwalkar: Sundays, 3pm - 5pm, Lovett Commons

Anant Tibrewal: Sundays, 1pm to 2pm, Wiess Commons

Eugene Wang: Sundays, 10am - 11am, Wiess Commons

Yufeng Zhou, Thursdays, 1:15 - 2:15pm, Jones Commons

Graduate TAs

Jonathan Sharman, Ryan Spring, Bing Xue, Lechen Yu:  Will join group office hours during MWF, 3pm - 4pm in DH 3092 .


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