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COMP 322: Office Hours

You are encouraged to consult the instructor and TA's during the office hours below.



Mack Joyner:  Mon 2-3pm, Tue 1-2pm, DH 2063 




Mustafa El-Gamal:  Sun 1-2pm, Will Rice Commons

Ayo Akinmade:        Mon 11am-12pm, McMurtry Commons

Jonathan Cai:          Mon 4-5pm,  Jones Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/990534452

William Su:              Mon  7:30-8:30pm, Jones Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/715495618

Anthony Yu:            Tue   10-11am,  Hanszen Commons  https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/7684944538

Tim Cheng:             Tue  11am-12pm,  McMurtry Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/992152666

Andrew Pham:        Tue   4-5pm, Sid Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/787486419

Tory Songyang:       Tue  7-8pm, Will Rice Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/480588009

Kevin Xu:                Tue   8-9pm, Baker Commons

Paul Jiang:              Tue   8-9pm, Baker Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/2054776255

Zishi Wang:             Wed 2:30-3:30pm, Martel Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/505947205

Skylar Neuendorff:  Wed 7-8pm, Will Rice Commons  https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/763178309

Thanh Vu:               Thu 10:30-11:30am,  Sid Commons https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/7979947018

Minh Vu:                  Fri  2-3pm, Brochstein https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/138594139



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