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The students will have to use 'turnin' to submit the homeworks. The 'turnin' is a generic script that uses the subversion to maintain copies of the homeworks. It is available only in the CLEAR cluster.

Guide to turning in homework from a personal Windows machine.

One time Setup in CLEAR

  1. Login to CLEAR
    ssh <your netid>@ssh.clear.rice.edu
    <your password>
  2. Make sure you DO NOT have a folder named 'comp322' in your home.
  3. Initialize turnin for COMP322
    turnin init comp322-F15
  4. This will ask if you wish to store your password unencrypted, twice. Say 'no' to them.
  5. Now you should have a folder named 'comp322' in your home.

Submitting your Homeworks

You should follow the steps below to submit all your homeworks using turnin on CLEAR. Note that you can do your homework on any machine. The instructions below include steps to copy them to CLEAR and to submit them.

  1. Go to the folder (in your machine) that contains all that you need to submit for your homework.
  2. Zip the files you want to submit. Here ’n’ refers to the homework number.
    zip -r hw_n.zip *
    zip -r hw_n.zip <files/folders> // If you want to select some files/folders only
  3. Use sftp to copy the zip file to CLEAR.
    sftp <your-netid>@ssh.clear.rice.edu
    You should have the sftp prompt ’sftp>’ now.
    cd comp322
    Create a new folder with the name ’hw_n’ for this homework number n
    cd hw_n
    put hw_n.zip
    This should show that the zip file has been copied into the folder hw_n.
  4. Login to CLEAR.
    ssh <your-netid>@ssh.clear.rice.edu
  5. Go the folder hw_n
    cd hw_n
  6. Unzip the file
    unzip hw_n.zip
  7. Delete the zip file
    rm hw_n.zip
  8. Go one level up, to the ’comp322’ folder.
    cd ..
  9. Turnin the folder hw_n
    turnin commit hw_n
    This should show all your files being added to the subversion.
  10. Your submission is complete.
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