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Starting in 2014, all new Woodson Research Center provisional records will be created in OCLC Connexion and then imported into Sirsi. After that, slight modifications will need to be made to that record in Sirsi.

Rebecca Russell will email an xml file containing all the information that should be needed to create a record in OCLC Connexion. It will be a Single Record in whatever format (usually this is either a Books or Mixed Materials Record) is appropriate. Open the xml file in a text editor, i.e. Notepad++, Atom, etc. When you open the file, it should very similar to what is below (This is in Notepad++. If you use another text editor, the coloring of the tags will be different).


In the image above, the tag number corresponds to the MARC field. The ind1 and ind2 correspond to the indicator spot with correct number that you would use for a MARC field.

Example: On line 24, that subject heading would look like in OCLC Connexion.



The following are the required fields that will be needed to be create the record in OCLC:

  • 100 (author field) or 700 (editor field)
  • 245 (title field) - needs to include dates (See special requirements)
  • 300 (physical description field) (See special requirements)
  • 610 or 650 field (subject field) - at least one field in the record needs to be a LCSH field
  • 520 (abstract or scope of work field) - if two of them, choose the longer/more complete of the two
  • 506 (restrictions of access field)
  • 524 (preferred citation of described materials field)
  • 856 and 555 (electronic location and access field) (See special requirements)


If other fields are included in the xml file, be sure to add them such as 655 (genre), 545 (biographical note). The only exceptions are the following (these fields don't import properly into Sirsi):

  • 040
  • 041
  • 049
  • 099
  • 540
  • 541
  • 852

Fixed Fields:

Below is a fixed fields section for Mixed Materials.

  • ELvl should be I (Capital i)
  • Ctrl should be a
  • Lang should be eng, unless the material specifies a different language
  • Ctry should be xxu
  • Desc should be i
  • DtSt should be s for a single date, k for a range of years, or m for a initial/terminal date
  • Dates should be what was included in the xml file


040 field:

Be sure to include |e dacs after the rda field in the 040 field.

Example: RCE ǂe rda ǂe dacs ǂc RCE ǂd RCE ǂd OCL


Title Special Requirements:

The XML section for the title field will look like this:


When inputting into OCLC, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use |k before the object of the titlle
  • For dates (which must be included)
    • Use |f for date range
    • Use |g for bulk dates

Example: Reginald Moore Sugar Land Convict Leasing System|kresearch collection,|f1878-2015.


Physical Description Special Requirements:

The XML section for the physical description field will look like this:

When inputting into OCLC, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use |a for numbers
  • Use |f for items or distance

Example: |a5|fboxes|a(7|flinear ft.)

More readable format for the example: |a 5 |f boxes |a (7 |f linear ft.)


Electronic Location and Access Special Requirements:

The XML section for the electronic location and access field will look like this:


NOTE: These links will be in the email unless Rebecca edits the xml file.

When inputting into OCLC, please follow these guidelines:

For the 555 field, this will be for TARO links. This stands for Texas Archival Resources Online.

  • For |a use the following wording: Finding aid online at Texas Archival Resources Online:


For 856 field, this will be for ArchiveSpace.

  • For |a use the following wording: Finding aid online at Fondren Library:

555 Example: Finding aid online at Texas Archival Resources Online: |u

856 Example: Finding aid online at Fondren Library: |u

Extra Fields that Must be Added that are not in the XML file:

These fields must be added to the OCLC record. They are not included in the xml file.

  • 336 field:  unspecified ǂbzzz  ǂ2rdacontent 
  • 337 field:  unspecified ǂbz  ǂ2rdamedia
  • 338 field:  unspecified ǂbzu ǂ2rdacarrier
  • 500 field:  Collection number: TYPE NUMBER
    • Example: Collection number: UA 095.
    • Example: Collection number: MS. 024.

Exporting to Sirsi:

Once you have added all the information from the xml file to the OCLC Connexion file, validate the subject and author headings, validate the record (make corrections as needed), attach Rice Holdings and then export the file to Sirsi.

Changes in Sirsi:

Once you have exported the record from OCLC Connexion, import the file into Sirsi as an approval type. Open the file in Modify Title.

  • In the Control tab, change the date to today.
  • In the Call Number/Item tab, change the Call Number to the MS. # or UA #.
    • Example: MS. 008-1
    • Example: UA 54-3
  • For the First Item added (It will be the first box, ie. MS. 024-1),
    • Type: Restricted
    • Home Location: WRC
    • Current Location: WRC
    • Item Cat1: Recon
    • Item Cat2: Original
    • Class scheme: Alphanum
  • For every other item added (ie. MS. 024-2)
    • Type: Restricted
    • Home Location: WRC
    • Current Location: WRC
    • Class scheme: Alphanum

Never change the Home Location to LSC-WRC. This is only done when the item has been taken by the LSC and is now stored in the LSC.


Adding the Barcodes:

Woodson will supply you with a list of barcodes to add. Only add the barcodes that have a number next to them.

In the example above, the only barcodes added would be Box 1-11. Box 12 with Barcode #31272101444311 would not be added to the record.

Information to send back to Woodson:

After you have imported the file into Sirsi and added the barcodes, email Woodson to let them know that the record has been added. Be sure to include the title of the item in your email.

Adding Barcodes to a current WRC Provisional Record:

When items are added to the collection, you will receive the information with the barcode(s) to add and how many linear feet to increase the collection. Make the appropriate changes to the record and then email the Woodson Research Center person who gave you the barcode(s) information. Their name should be on the barcode paperwork.