Fondren Library Cataloging and Metadata Services Department


Cataloging and Metadata Services (C&MS) provides and maintains bibliographic access to Fondren Library materials in all formats and selected scholarly information through the online catalog and digital repository. The department participates in development and creation of access mechanisms for electronic resources through university-wide and national projects.

Staff are involved in digital projects and continue to explore non-MARC metadata schemas, DSpace, and other bibliographic database management and information retrieval software systems. Staff also create order records for materials in all formats selected for the library via a variety of vendors directed by both Acquisitions and selecting librarians.

In addition to cataloging and ordering, C&MS manages local authorities and provides maintenance for the bibliographic database. The department also provides support for large-scale collection relocation.

Staff are skilled in a variety of languages and subject areas and are trained to catalog the different formats acquired by the library. C&MS enjoys the expertise of a diverse group of staff committed to processing materials efficiently while maintaining the highest possible standards of cataloging excellence.

MARC records are created utilizing both the OCLC bibliographic database and our local library system, Ex Libris Alma. The catalog is built in accordance with national standards and local guidelines and policies to ensure the best possible access to the library collection for library users.

C&MS collaborates with the Information Technology Department to optimize the use of available technology in achievement of departmental goals.

The department is committed to supporting the university’s mission of teaching, learning, and research and strive to provide the best possible quality, and timely service to our users.

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