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The Original Monograph/Special Formats Cataloger:

  • Provides original cataloging for monographic library materials in book and non-book formats.

  • Provides cataloging for visual materials, microforms, and electronic resources, including e-books
  • Performs complex copy cataloging for library materials, particularly for materials having only vendor-level or other minimal level records.

  • Catalogs and processes analytics, incomplete sets, set add ons, and large complete sets.

  • Hires, supervises and provides training to student assistants. Manages student budget for the department.

  • Assists in the development and preparation of new procedures and documentation in connection with new technology and/or new library systems or software.

  • Provides technical advice to other staff as needed.

  • Manages special projects as assigned by the Department Head.

  • Participates in departmental and library-wide committees and work groups as requested.    

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