The following settings are required

To set your preferences in Connexion, click on Tools > Options


Access tab 
Internet accessOCLC default
Enable statistics loggingOn
Enable transaction loggingOn
Authorizations tab 
Authorization number(contact Jiun or Mang if you have forgotten this)
Derive Record tab 
Bibliographic Records and Constant Data
(check these boxes)
Export tab


If you already have an export file saved, you can just link to it:

  1. With "(None)" highlighted, click Create, then choose File, and click the OK button.
  2. Navigate to your existing export file (most people use prism.dat) and select it.
  3. Click the Open button.

If you need to create a new export file:

  1. With "(None)" highlighted, click  Create , then choose  File , and click the OK button. A dialog window will open.
  2. Create an empty folder on your computer's hard drive called e xports (you can just click the little folder icon with the starburst, located at the top of the dialog window).
    1. Recommended: create the folder on your C drive, within your User folder. The path will look similar to this: C:\Users\jdm9\exports\
  3. Double click on the exports folder to open and select it.
  4. Type in a filename (it can be anything, but something short is good) in the File name field of the dialog window. The file type should be Export Data Files (*.dat); you can change it if needed. Click the Open button to create the export file.
  5. Verify that your Export Destination is correct, then click OK to save this setting. You should end up with a path that looks something like C:\Users\jdm9\exports\oclc.dat
Click on the Record Characteristics button. Both Record Standard fields should be set to MARC21 and both Character Set fields should be UTF-8 Unicode
Fonts tab
You must use Arial Unicode MS for all fonts
All other settings are optional
International tab 
Exportchoose Include all data, with other scripts in 880 fields

Then click Apply and Ok to save your settings.

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