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Ordering and Pre-Cataloging

Ordering Procedures
Creating a Provisional Record
Vendor Return Deadlines
Cataloging Turnaround Times
Procedures for Approvals
GOBI Ordering Procedures
Report: Non Good Member YBP Approval
Sorting YBP Approvals
Receiving Electronic Order Receipts
Pre-Cataloging Electronic Resources
Fiscal Year Change Settings

Cataloging Printed Materials

Editing DLC or Good Member Copy or CIP
Editing Member Copy
Cataloging Related Editions
Editing Pre-ISBD Copy
Editing Sets
Cataloging Class Seps
Cataloging Analytics
Cataloging Continuing Resources
Related Editions
Added Copies and Replacement Copies
Adding Volumes and Copies
Rush and Notify Items
Gifts and Memorials Fund Purchases
MARC Holdings Records
Standard Notes on Holdings Records
Completing Cataloging
Checklist for Catalogers

Cataloging Other Formats

Mixed Media
Continuing Electronic Resources
Monographic Electronic Resources
Cataloging Microforms
Cataloging Music Scores
Cataloging Sound Recordings
Cataloging Visual Materials
Maps and Atlases
Preservation Copies
Rice Theses
Shepherd School of Music Performances

Cataloging WRC and Other Special Collections

Receiving WRC Materials in Cataloging
Provisional Records for WRC Manuscript Collections
Cataloging WRC Collections
Barcoding Rare Materials
Linguistic Data Consortium
Cataloging Scientia and Bochner Lecture Series Videos
Cataloging the President's Lecture Series Videos
Leisure Reading Collection
Leisure Audio Collection
Art Exceptions
WRC Provisional Records
Livres d'Artistes Collection
WEST Project
Updating the Historical Images RDF Thesaurus file

Database and Metadata Management Tasks  

Overview of DBM Responsibilities
Overview of DBM ResponsibilitiesDatabase Management Procedures
Add New Authority Record
Art Books with Stack Locations
Cataloging New Items for LSC-SPECL or LSC-WRC
Corrections for Monographs and Monographic Sets
Call number exceptions for Serials
Deleting Leisure Books and Leisure Audiobooks
LSC Daily Reports
LSC Flags
Processing Journals and Monographs for LSC Transfer
Replacement Copies
Relabeling Items
Special Database Management Projects
Using MARCEdit in WEST Project
Verifying Imported Authority Records
WRC Barcode Linking

Authority Records Processing Procedures

Name and Title Authority Guidelines for Catalogers
Series Authority Guidelines for Catalogers
MARCIVE ongoing authorities processing procedures 

Classification Procedures

Fondren's Classification Practices 
Terms Used in Call Numbers
Call Numbers for Music Recordings

Subject Application and Construction

Introduction to Subject Headings

Introduction to Free-Floating Subdivisions

Subject Headings Manual


Biography Table and Non-Literary Author Tables
Translation Table
Regions and Countries Table
U.S. States and Canadian Provinces Table


Turnaround Time/Processing Goals for Books
Processing Accompanying Media
Processing Electronic Resources
Processing Microforms
Processing Scores
Processing Sound Recordings
Processing Visual Materials
Processing Maps and Atlases
Book Preparation
Rush and Notify Items
Marking and Stamping Materials Guidelines
Binding Guidelines for Paperbacks and Scores
Processing Oversize Books
Processing Library Service Center

RDA Implementation

RDA Implementation

Working in Sirsi and Connexion

Entering Records in OCLC Connexion
Transferring Records into Alma
Changing Libraries
Subfield z in Call Numbers
Serial Controls for Electronic Resources
Transferring Vols./Copies in Sirsi
Connexion Settings
Authority Record Fixed Fields Chart (Sirsi, OCLC, MARC)
Checking URLs from Sirsi
Standing Orders Report
Transferring Volumes From One Bibliographic Record to Another in Sirsi
Historical Images Metadata Completion
Withdrawal Statistics via Tableau


Good Member and CONSER Libraries Holdings Codes
Sorting YBP Approval Carts
Holdings Codes for Orders
Material Types
Location Codes 
Item types: Location
Z4MPlus/Z6MPlus Printer Manual
Microfilm Reels with Vinegar Syndrome
Locations: Item Types
Useful 5XX Notes
Reference Sources
Other Institution's Cataloging Manuals


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