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Section V, Chapter B

Provisional Records for WRC Manuscript Collections


WRC manuscript collections are not currently represented in Sirsi.  In an effort to represent these collections in Sirsi, the Original Catalogers working with the WRC staff will provide a provisional record providing a brief, general description of each collection.  Eventually all collections will be represented in Sirsi with full descriptive cataloging. 

Information for creating provisional records is supplied to Cataloging from WRC by email. The control number is provided by the system.

Click on the Title Maintenance Wizard and then click on the Add Title Wizard.  Follow the procedures found in Provisional Records, Section II, Chapter B.

Create Copy from the Add Copies Wizard with the following values.

In Call Number Info:

Call No.                 MS. XXX (note the space between the period and the numerals)

Class Scheme        ALPHANUMERIC

In Copy Info:

Type                      RESTRICTED

Home Location     WRC

Volume                 RECON

Current Location   WRC

In Fixed Fields default values remain except for Date Type.  There are three possible Date Type values:

s (single date)

i (inclusive dates of collection)

k (range of dates for bulk of collection)

Typical variable fields are:

1XX __ (Usually)

245 __ |a, |f (inclusive dates) or |g (bulk dates)

300 __ (as indicated on WRC request, sometimes with no. of items)

520 __ (Description of collection)

700 __ (rarely, but used for co-author in exchange of letters)

856 __ |3 (Name of digitized document, i.e., Guide, Box inventory, 5 selected letters), |u (url)

Inform WRC by email when provisional record is complete.

Prepared by: Brian E. Surratt

Last updated: September 20, 2011

Index Terms: Provisional records, WRC collections.

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