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Rough Draft on how to handle/process duplicates


  1. Duplicates for YBP Approvals
  2. Duplicates for PDA Books
  3. Duplicates for Gift Books
  4. Duplicates for Firm Books
  5. Duplicates for Standing Orders
  6. Duplicates when Ordering
  7. Duplicates for Scores


YBP Approvals

If you find a duplicate for a YBP Approval book whether it be a reprint (SEE BELOW) or exact duplicate copy, check the following items

  • The original copy of the book in Sirsi is not damaged, lost, or missing. If it is, then give the duplicate copy to Shirley.
  • The book is not written by a Rice author. It will say whether or not it is on the vendor slip.
  • Check the location of the original book. If it is WRC, then keep the new copy and catalog it for STACKS location. If the location is BIC, then email Peggy Shaw (or current BIC librarian) and ask if they would like to a second copy of the book in the STACKS location or to return the current copy.
  • If the original copy is an ebook, return the duplicate.
  • If the original copy is a PDA book, return the duplicate.
  • If the original copy is a book that has been ordered and not cataloged, return the duplicate. Acquisitions will decide which book to keep based on price and if the ordered book can be cancelled.
  • If the original copy is a book that has been cataloged and meets the above requirements, return the duplicate

If it is a reprint ...

To return the duplicate book, you will need to write down the original book's order number (if applicable), the title control number (if the book has not been ordered) and checkmark the appropriate box of the pink return slip. Write your initials in the section on the return slip.

You will also need to delete (if applicable) the duplicate record of the book that you are returning. DO NOT DELETE THE ORIGINAL BOOK RECORD.

Place the book, with the pink return sticking out of the top of the book, on the small book cart next to Beverly's desk. She will return any books to you if they can be cataloged.


PDA Books

The following are rules concerning duplicates and PDA ebooks -

  • If you have a duplicate book that is a YBP Approval book, then delete the duplicate record (if applicable) and return the YBP Approval book to Beverly.
  • If the duplicate book is a FIRM book, then you can keep the FIRM book. As of 10/2012, this is the current procedure.
  • If you are ordering a print book, and a PDA book is already in Sirsi, you can continue to order a print version of the book.


Gift Books

  • If the item is not an exact copy 2 (meaning it is not going to be cataloged in the exact some location, i.e. one item is an ebook and the gift item is for reference), then the gift book gets cataloged regularly. If the gift book is for the same location, please check with the subject librarian to see if they would like a second copy of the book for that location.









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