Preparing MARC Holdings Records for WEST for editing via MarcEDIT

  • Make bibliographic record changes manually in SIRSI:
  1. Edit 001 if needed
  2. Confirm that 022 is present, if needed
  3. Update Title Control # if needed
  4. If Date cataloged = NEVER, change to TODAY.
  5. Add 989 field (this is your identifier to create list of appropriate MHLD)
  • Make a list of bibliographic records that include a 599 field for current issues. You'll use this to more quickly remove the duplicate 599 fields after the MHLD are loaded. [Instead of checking every record for them, you can just check the ones on your list.]

  • Create MHLD for LSC if needed:
  1. Make Enc_Lvl = 4 (or 3, if appropriate for Silver records)
  2. Edit: 852 _1 |cLSC
  3. Copy over any LSC holdings in the MHLD for STACKS to the MHLD for LSC.
  4. Delete LSC 866 fields from the MHLD for STACKS.
  5. Split STACKS holdings at 2005 if relevant.
  6. If existing MHLD for LSC has duplicate 001 fields, print the existing MHLD. Then delete and recreate to remove the duplicate fields. Once you have re-entered the information, recycle your printout.
  7. If existing MHLD has Entrd = 000000, change to 950801.
  • Once all manual edits are completed, have IT Sirsi staff member create a file listing all MHLD with:
  1. 852 |cLSC
  2. Attached to bibliographic records with: 989 WEST Silver year6 (or whatever label you're working on)

Ask him to include 022 and 035 from the associated bibliographic records in the file.


In MarcEdit:

  • Open the file you want to edit in MarcEditor. If it is not already a .mrk file, you'll need to convert it from .mrc to .mrk using MARC Tools before opening in MarcEditor.
  1. To apply the repetitive fields: 583 (retention, completeness, condition) and 007, I created a Task. Before you apply the Task to your file, edit it first to make sure it says Silver, Gold, as appropriate and contains the correct 583 fields for the color.
  2. To edit the task, go to: Tools/Manage Tasks; select the WEST MHLD task and then click "Edit selected task list" and make the necessary changes (edit color text, add or remove 583 fields as appropriate).
  3. To apply the task to your file, go to: Tools/Assigned Tasks/Currently Available Tasks/WEST MHLD
  4. You'll need to do a merge file to add the |xWEST Cat.{#} #{Ulrich's No.} note to field 852. To do thi
    1. First create a mini set of MARC with control numbers. Our match point will be the 035 field. 
    2. Copy columns A and B (Ulrich's number and SIRSI record number) from the Google docs spreadsheet for the group of records you're working with. Paste into a new spreadsheet. Do a search and replace to change 'o' to '(Sirsi) ' [Important: include a space after the final parenthesis!]
  5. Save as Tab Delimited Text (.txt)
  6. In MarcEdit, choose Delimited Text Translator (also under Add-ins).
    1. Source file is your tab delimited .txt
    2. Output to a filename of your choice
  7. Map each field to its appropriate field:
    1. 852$x for Ulrichs Number
    2. 035$a for SIRSI control number
  8. Run it.
  9. You should now have your mini set of MARC records with minimal information for merging purposes. Do take a quick look over to check that everything is there.
  10. To add the WEST Cat.{#} text, go to Tools/Edit Field Data and fill in the box as shown, using the appropriate Cat number:

  1. Then click "Process." and be sure to save your file.


    1. You should now have two sets of records, your mini set and your main set to which you want to add field 852.
  1. In the main MarcEdit window (NOT MarcEditor), choose Tools → Merge Records
  • For Source File, select your main MARC records set
  • For Merge File, select the mini MARC set you created
  • Set your output file to your desired location and filename
  • Choose record identifier, e.g. 035, to match on SIRSI Control number.
  1. Click on Next
  2. Choose Merge Selected Fields
  3. Select the field you want to import, e.g. 852
  4. Click on Next

This will add a second 852 to the record with the |xWEST Cat.{#} #{Ulrich's No.} note in it.

    1. To move the note up to the existing 852 and delete the extraneous one, do the following in MarcEditor:
  1. Choose Tools/Swap Field Data and fill out the dialog box as shown below:

  1. Click "Process."
  2. Save your file.


    1. In MarcEditor, choose File/Compile File Into MARC and save as a .mrc file. Notify Mang that file is available to be reloaded into SIRSI.
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