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Setting up

This tutorial shows how to run the matrix multiplication example on, a machine with 8 core Xeon 2.83GHz nodes:

1. First, login to

2. Execute the following to set up your environment variable :
source /users/ds20/public/

3. copy /users/ds20/Rice/hjCncDdfBabelBranch/examples/MMul somewhere, for example in your home:
cp -R /users/ds20/Rice/hjCncDdfBabelBranch/examples/MMul ~
cd ~/MMul
chown -R .

4.Run the example on the login node:
make run


To compile, just execute
make build

You can modify the Makefile CNC_NUM_WORKERS variable to the number of worker threads you desire.

You can modify ~/MMul/user-code/ variable SIZE = 400 to whatever size you want for your matrices.

To submit your task to a queue

To submit your task to a queue you must modify run.pbs from ~/MMul/run.pbs line 11 from:

cd /users/ds20/Rice/hjCncDdfBabelBranch/examples/MMul

to read

cd ~/MMul (or the path to the folder where your CnC-Python example is located)

After you modify run.pbs, you can execute the following commands:cd ~/MMul
qsub run.pbs

For more information on sugar queues, click here.