Getting Started

For your project, you will be using ArcGIS Pro, the latest program from the ArcGIS Suite. If you do not have much experience in our lab, use this guide for Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro (forthcoming).


Obtaining Data

OpenStreetMap offers regularly-updated extracts of continents, countries, and selected cities. Check the International Data section for instructions.

For architecture projects, the following features from the Geofabrik data might be useful:

  • gis_osm_water_a_free includes polyline of waterways
  • gis_osm_roads_free includes roads
  • gis_osm_buildings_a_free includes building footprints
  • gis_osm_landuse_a_free includes zoning / land use information
  • gis_osm_places_a_free includes polygons of subdivisions 


Once you have obtained the necessary data, it is time to process it. 


Processing Data 

After obtaining your data, you can process them in many ways. For the following basic processing steps, follow the guide instructions:

ClippingMergingJoining TablesSymbolizingCreating 3D Images, and/or Adding a Legend.

Instructions for all of these processing methods can be found on this Wiki page under Common GIS Methods>Processing Data. If you need to process your data in another way, please ask a GDC staff member for assistance. 


For data downloaded from OpenStreetMap, make sure to assign a projection to the map before moving forward. Instructions can be found in the Open Street Map wiki page.


Once you have obtained and processed the data to your liking, it is time to export. There are three main exporting methods:

CADIllustrator, and Rhino


If you have any other questions about exporting, ask a GDC staff member. 


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