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Current LC policy dictates that bibliographies and indexes, when present in the same monograph, are recorded together in a single 504 note. Because the 504 note in CIP records is often incomplete, and because much Member Copy does not follow the LC policy, some of the examples indicate ways to modify existing bibliographic records.

Originally appears as:
504 Bibliography: p. 301-304.
500 Includes index.
Modify to:
504 Includes bibliographical references (pages 301-304) and index.

Originally appears as:
504 Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index.
Verify that bibliography exists, then modify to reflect pages included (i.e., fill in the blanks).

If more than one index is included in an item (author index, subject index, etc.) then:
500 Includes indexes
504 Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Occasionally a more specific contents note may be desirable as in:
500 Includes cumulative author index for 1st -17th annual meetings.


Language notes (translations, parallel bilingual texts, etc.) are placed in field 546.

• English and Polish.
• In English and French
• Includes poems in vernacular Korean, with translation and commentary in English.
• Includes selected Tibetan homilies accompanied by English translations.
• Includes Latin transcripts, with English translations, of various court documents.
• English translation by Miklos Zehery. (or) Translated from the Hungarian by Miklos Zehery.
• Includes a number of extended quotations in Provençal.
• Transcription of facsimiles in Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese, with English translation on facing pages.
• Translated by Intertext (Dresden).
• English and Spanish on facing pages.
• Translation of: Dialektik der Aufklärung; published under title: Philosophische Fragmente.
• "Translated from the original Danish manuscript, 1968"–Title page verso.
• Text in Latin and French with English translations on facing pages, numbered in duplicate.
• Five contributions in German; four in French.
• Includes one essay in Basque.
• Where original language of poem is other than English, a translation is given on the opposite page.
• French, with selected articles also in Arabic, bound in reverse.


• Reprint. Originally published: London : H.M.S.O., 1981.
• Reprint. Originally published: London : Heinemann ; New York : Putnam, 1919.
• Facsim. reprint. Originally published: Philadelphia: Printed by Andrew Bradford, 1718.
• Reprint. Originally published in: American Studies, v. XIV, no. 4 (Dec. 1984)
• Reprint. Originally published: 8th ed., rev., corr., and enl./by Edmund J. Bennett. Boston : Little, Brown, 1870.
• Offprint. Originally published in: Israeli reports to the XII International Congress of Comparative Religion (Sydney, Australia, 1979)
• Offprint. Originally published in: Milletleraras munasebetler Turkyllg=The Turkish yearbook of international relations, 1968.


Include quoted information (usually from t.p. but not always) which seems useful (often to justify an added entry).

• "Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department by command of her Majesty, November 1981."
• "Texts reporting on sexual harassment cases from Canadian Human Rights Commission news releases and the Commission's Summary of Decisions and Dossier Publications."
• "Held on May 21, 1985, and sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Washington, D.C."
• "Privately printed."
• "A guide to living with a disability, written by the real authorities."-P. 1 of cover. Note: the title of the book ('No apologies') isn't specific to the content. Lifting the quotation from the cover gives a better idea of the actual scope of the book.
• "The George Wythe lecture, 1984."
• "Sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Atlantic Council of the United States, and the Association of American Colleges."
• "Convened by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith at its national headquarters, New York City, April 8, 1986."
• "Paper presented to the International Third World Economic Studies Association, San Francisco, California, January 7, 1990."
• "May 1987"--Page 4 of Cover.
• "The symposium took place in Leiden from 15-17 August, 1973"--Page ix.
• "Max-Planck-Institut für auslandisches und internationals Patent-, Urheber- und Wettbewerbsrecht"--Half title page verso.
• "With forward by James W. McElhaney"--Book jacket.
• "Participant workbook"
• At head of tile: The Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies.
• "Address before distinguished visitors from the University of Texas, delivered in March, 1987, as part of the Texas-Guanajuato Hispanic Heritage exchange program."
• "Updating Heritage Lecture no. 63, "Comparable worth: pay equity or social engineering?" Feb 5, 1986."

5. Also Known As

Also Known As (AKA). When origin of item is from earlier material under another title, or is based on papers (published or unpublished) from conferences, articles from different sources, revisions of authors' theses, or simultaneously issued under another title.

• Constitutes a special issue (no. 86, winter 1987) of: The Public interest, ISSN 0033-3557.
• "Published simultaneously by USPC, Inc., under the title USP DI, Volume II (Advice for the patient), seventh edition, 1987"–Title page verso.
• "Most of the articles contained in this volume were published previously in issues 1 and 2 of Coexistence, volume 23, 1986"-- Half title page verso.
• Revised version of a lecture delivered in memory of Dr. George Webber at Jews' College, London, on April 2, 1975.
• Based on a series of lectures held at Howard University in 1980-1981.
• Originally published under title: The development of academic freedom in the United States.
• Constitutes an adaptation and abridgment of: Les maîtres-penseurs by André Glucksmann.
• Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph. D.)--Howard University, 1990.
• Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral)--Universität Karlsruhe, 1982.
• Earlier edition issued under title: Quirks of English cuisine.
• 1st edition published in 1972 under title: A handbook for newsmen: to libel or not to libel?
• Originally published as chap. 9 of: China in the global community. New York: Praeger, 1980.
• Issued as special edition of: Social Europe, ISSN 0255-0776.
• Jonathan Barnes' revision of Benjamin Jowett's translation.
• Vol. 3 translated by La Rue van Hook.


6.1 Descriptive analysis (Physical). Items in pockets, informative labels, errata sheets, etc.

• Errata slip tipped in.
• Errata slip ("Advertencias") tipped in.
• Errata slip tipped in (v. I)
• Includes errata slip.
• "December 1986"--Label mounted on cover.
• ISBN from label mounted on title page verso.
• Colophon inserted.
• Organization chart of the Central Committee of the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) in pocket.
• Twelve folded maps in pocket.
• Kept up to date with pamphlet supplementation.

6.2 Descriptive analysis (Structural). Text contains tables, forms, etc., beyond the norm. Also, statements of responsibility handled in notes.

• Chiefly tables.
• Consists entirely of tables.
• Mathematical formula and tables referred to throughout text are found on lining papers.
• 80 blank pages at end of book.
• Includes numerous transcripts of official police interrogations in homicide investigations.
• Based on results of separate telephone surveys conducted in the United States (1980) and Australia (1981-82) concerning fraud and mismanagement by landlords.
• List of papers on contents page does not accurately reflect their order.
• Prepared by Louis Lasagna and based on an interdisciplinary symposium sponsored by MIPI, held at Tufts University, Medford, Mass., Nov. 23-24, 1985.
• Report prepared by Phyllis McClure (NAACP) and Antonio Califa (ACLU).
• Based upon interviews conducted in Canada, the United States and the Bahamas with 2,564 disbarred lawyers.

6.3 Descriptive analysis (Thematic). Brief description of what the book is 'about' when 505 is too unwieldy or when title is overly vague.

• Consists of treaties pertaining to the various regional economic integration organizations.
• Includes detailed biographical data on individual Jewish refuseniks.
• Discusses current political trends in Latin America followed by analysis of legal services in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Despite the title no reference is made to Europe or North America.
• Includes text of the Warsaw Pact Treaty as well as various United Nations and Hungarian Ministry of Justice documents dealing with the Soviet intervention in the Hungarian situation.


7.1 General notes (500).
• Title varies slightly.
• Subtitle varies.
• Order of title varies.
• Imprint varies.
• Published by: former publisher, dates of pub. (This information is now preferably included in additional 264 fields, using 2nd indicator and subfield i to indicate dates.)
• Issued with: title.
• Includes: title.
• Updated monthly, etc..

7.2 Numbering, issuing peculariaties notes (515).
• Some numbers issued together.
• Some issues combined.
• Vol. #, no. 1-2 combined.
• Vol. For 1997 – also called Series 2.
• Numbering ceased with May 1974 issue.
• None published 1974.

7.3 Supplements (525)
• Has occasional supplements.
• Some issues or vols. include supplements.
• Special issues accompany some no.
• Kept up-to-date with supplements.

7.4 Issuing body (550)

• Issued by: Fondren Library, Oct. 1963-Mar. 1971.
• Sponsored by:
• Developed by:
• Compiled by:
• Prepared for:
• Published by for the International Society of Librarians.

7.4 Source of description (588)

Both these notes are now required for continuing resources. The source of title note is now required for all records, regardless of whether the first issue is in hand

• Description based on : Vol. #, no. # mo., yr.; title from [title page, caption, header, etc.]
• Latest issue consulted: Vol. #, no. # mo., yr.

8. LOCAL NOTES (590)

8.1 Gifts. Include local notes for certain gifts (indicated by a grey flag inserted in item).

• Gift: text of bookplate
• Gift: Presented by John Smith in memory of Mary Smith.
• Gift: Presented by John Smith in honor of Mary Smith on her 80th birthday.
• Gift: Presented by John Smith in honor of the graduation of May Smith ’98.
• Gift: Presented by John Smith for WRC.
• Gift: Presented to WRC by John Smith, with his autograph inscription when the donor is the author.

8.2 Books signed by an author.

• Signed by the author.
• Book signed by (Author's name). - this is when the book has more than one author.

8.2 Non-standard formats.

• Non-standard video format; requires special viewing equipment.

8.3 Mixed media. See Mixed Media for required location note for a title composed of a print and a non-print format.


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